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Some blame the destruction of the Earth on skirmishes between failing nation states and hypercorps. Others blame the Machines, rogue AIs that swept forth — crashing networks, releasing war machines, swarms of nanoplagues. And then there’s those Kult of Kurzweil freaks worshiping their destroyer/savior Dr. Singularity, who think it was all divine providence or some shit.

Decades have past since the devastation of the Fall. Out in the solar system, a few remaining space colonies scrape by, cowering in fear from the Machines — the inscrutable terrifyingly efficient Machines that strip asteroids, moons, and even entire planets down to their core for raw materials. On Earth, a few pockets of humanity struggle to survive avoiding biological and radioactive hot zones, taking shelter during the ravenous nanostorms, and hiding from the autonomous war machines. These poor souls look up at night trying to remember what the sky looked like before the Machines ate the Moon and before the creeping wall of blackness which shrouds out half the stars.

The Singularity has passed humankind by but hey you’re still here so you might as well make something of it.

This supplement is a box of evocative ideas and imagery to help create an Apocalypse World game in the world devastated by the technological singularity. It is primarily a creative world-building toolkit to facilitate one- shot con games as having ideas to work from is useful to get the game going fast. Though it could work equally well for the start of a multisession game.

The supplement is broken into five sections:

  • Basic description of the Singularity Apocalypse for players and the MC alike
  • The Stalk, a quick-start collaborative setting about a community living around a defunct space elevator
  • Master of Ceremonies: example threats, including the Stalk itself as a threat
  • Master of Ceremonies: ideas for barfing forth singularity apocalyptica
  • Maelstrom Mesh Incarnate playbook expansion for players who live on after their consciousness has been uploading to the mesh, willingly or not.


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