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Lacuna Dark adapts the Cthulhu Dark rules for the sole purpose of enhancing the personal otherworldly horror of Lacuna Part 1 – The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City. While Blue City does have its monsters, with its Spidermen and Hostile Personalities, Lacuna Dark pushes the otherworldly horror a bit harder. Lacuna Dark works best when play is focused on the surreal ominous nature of Blue City and its eerily banal imaginary inhabitants.

Lacuna Dark uses a variant of the Cthulhu Dark mechanics with the best parts of Lacuna (Heart Rate, Agent Techniques, etc.). This is a fan made supplement that I am not accepting donations for it as the content relies heavily on the original game Lacuna and pretty much takes directly the design of the original game's character sheets. As such it would be wrong for me to take money for it. Also it includes no real setting info so requires Lacuna to play.


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