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What a sweet forest rave! AHHHH! A BEAR! Only the DJ can save us!

The Raver And The Bear is a two player fast playing micro rpg game designed originally for David Schirbun’s awesome #200WordRPG challenge. Since its first release I have added the ECLECTIC HIPSTER EXPANSION with rules for advanced play with the dangerous finicky hipster bear. As such it no longer quite fits under 200 words.

Game Play FAQ

  • Once the DJ starts playing, does the bear’s first check start from anywhere in particular or wherever the bear decides? 
    The Bear’s first check starts as soon as the second album is put on.
  • I’m still confused about what order is correct vs reverse vs out of order can you explain it better? Think of the albums as positions on a clock but unlike an analogue clock this clock only has 5 positions on it (1-5) and once it reaches the last position it goes to the first position. The Bear places one album on each position. Let’s say there are 5 records A,B,C,D,E and the Bear preferred play order is clockwise in this order C>E>B>A>D (since this is a clock it continues and D>C… etc.). Now if the DJ plays C and then E it is in the right clockwise order and the Bear is happy, If the DJ plays C then D then it is in the wrong anti-clockwise reverse order and the Bear is angry and mauls them. If the DJ plays C and then either B or A then the Bear is annoyed as is out of order and the Bear growls
  • After the DJ gets mauled the first time, should the bear start from the original start place? When the DJ get’s mauled they just put on another record — either one they played before or a new one. There is no “start place” for the Bear’s music order preferences as it’s a continuous circle. Let’s say the Bear’s preferences are B, A, C, E, D — then the DJ can “win” by playing in a row consecutively B, A, C, E, D or A, C, E, D, B or C, E, D, B, A or E, D, B, A, C or D, B, A, C, E. Probably better way of thinking about it is the DJ needs to make the bear happy 4 times in a row by playing albums in the right order.


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